Nexmatix is All About Clean Energy

After undergoing a rigorous selection process and months of preparation, Nexmatix has been selected to compete in the 6th annual Clean Energy Trust Challenge.

Nexmatix received the Wells Fargo, Boeing/United and ComEd awards at the 6th annual Clean Energy Trust.  Want to learn more about why these organizations selected Nexmatix technology as one of the most innovative new products, click here.

Blow Your Energy Reduction Goals Away

Nexmatix creates Savings Out of Thin Air by reducing the cost of your pneumatic systems with energy efficient products that reduce your carbon footprint.


Fix the Biggest Leak in Your Facility

Conventional valves exhaust air during every cycle. Nexmatix innovative technology allows valves to recycle downstream air and reduce compressed air usage by 20-40%.



Nexmatix Awarded $310,000 at Clean Energy Trust Challenge Showcase

Nexmatix Awarded $310,000 at Clean Energy Trust Challenge Showcase Nexmatix was awarded $310,000 at the sixth annual Clean Energy Trust (CET) Challenge–a Midwest cleantech showcase where 14 companies competed for $1M on April 12, 2016 in Chicago.  Since 2011,...


Our passion is Efficient Pneumatics, Intelligently Simple! Let us show you how easy it is to improve efficiency by reducing the amount of compressed air you use in actuation. Contact us today and we’ll demo our platform technology: a smart directional control valve that recycles compressed air. The only thing you have to lose is 20-40% of your compressed air. And that compressed air reduction can go straight to your bottom line.  Submit Request >>


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Nexmatix’ technology uses proven spool and body valve construction to recycle compressed air. The technology works by briefly connecting the two downstream cylinder ports during each stroke.

As the valve cycles, the pressurized outbound port connects to the opposing (unpressurized) outlet port, recycling the compressed air from one outbound port to the other. This effectively pre-charges the de-pressurized port before it is connected to supply, saving on average 20%-40% of the compressed air.

The two sides in fluid communication are allowed to dwell or equilibrate before venting the remaining spent air from the first port. This connection occurs on the order of 10s of milliseconds and is transparent to the user. For a three position valve, the center position behavior is maintained during power down. The valve doesn’t require any hardware, electrical or PLC modifications, making it a truly plug-and-play replacement for users with ISO manifolds.