After two years at Helix Center, AeroValve has outgrown the space as it moves to the next stage of product development: rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing. “Helix Center has provided access to critical programming and lab space which enabled the company to achieve important milestones.  And having the office located in such a top notch facility provided us with a high level of credibility with investors and market partners” stated Vicki Gonzalez, CEO. Moving the company to a 5,000 square foot facility in Brentwood allows AeroValve to house larger scale manufacturing equipment necessary to produce a new line of energy efficient solenoid valves. “We are introducing an ISO line of valves to the market in 2015,” stated Ellen Mell, Chief Operating Officer. “With the appropriate facilities along with the highly experienced team of engineering professionals, we are excited about the rapid development of the company and getting this new energy saving technology into the market.”