AeroValve LLC, a technology leader in energy saving directional control valves, announced today that it is changing its name to Nexmatix LLC. The name change reflects the company’s expanded capability to deliver a broader value proposition to customers using pneumatic systems to manufacture.

The new name, Nexmatix, is indicative of the next generation of pneumatics – energy efficient and smart. The Company launched its initial line of ISO directional control valves in fourth quarter 2015, partnering with a select group of customers who have corporate commitments to energy reduction. The valves have been proven to reduce the amount of compressed air used by 20-45%.

The Company is working on integrating new technology into its energy saving valves that will detect downstream leaks in lines and/or cylinders and provide real time data for preventive maintenance. In addition, an energy saving valve for applications outside motion control will also be launched in 2016.