St. Louis, MO (April 3, 2017) –

Thanks to a brand-new partnership with Nexmatix, industry leader Plattco Corporation is about to start delivering even smarter solutions for customers nationwide. Known for its “smart” approach to pneumatic valves, Nexmatix offers a significant value proposition to companies that implement its technology. Plattco is teaming with Nexmatix to introduce an energy-efficient Double Flap Airlock® Valve for material handling.

Widely recognized for its innovative approach to solving material-handling problems across multiple industries, Plattco Corporation will reduce energy costs and increase ROI via the Nexmatix partnership. The new Double Flap Airlock® Valve, built with Nexmatix smart control valve technology, recycles compressed air – reducing it by 20 to 40 percent. This improved efficiency can save customers up to $10,000 over a ten-year period, with savings based on line lengths and the cycle times of the specific application.

Plattco was asked by Devon Wright of Compressor Energy Services, a company with strong ties to the Energy-from-Waste industry, to explore Nexmatix smart valves to help end-users save energy.

“Many of our customers have the common strategic goal of cost savings through reduction of compressed air, especially in the Energy-from-Waste industry. We were excited to learn more about this proven, cutting-edge technology. Once we saw it in action, we knew it was going to be a way to bring even more value to our customers,” said Kevin Guay, R&D Engineer at Plattco Corporation.

While Plattco sells its products worldwide, customers in the United States may qualify for utility rebates to help offset the cost of retro-fitting Nexmatix smart valves on Double Flap Airlock® Valves in the field.

Plattco will introduce the energy-efficient Double Flap Airlock® Valve at the North America Waste to Energy Conference in Minneapolis, MN, on April 24-26. Members of the Nexmatix team will also be available to demonstrate how Nexmatix smart valves can deliver 85% more work than conventional “dumb” valves.


About Plattco

Plattco Corporation is the recognized leader for valves that solve material handling problems in a wide variety of industries. Plattco specializes in the design and manufacture of Double Flap Airlock® Valves and associated multi-purpose slide gates as an important part of dry material handling systems.

About Nexmatix

Nexmatix makes smart simple with smart pneumatic control valves that deliver energy efficiency and actionable information to help reduce the $7.5 billion in wasted electricity in industrial automation. Nexmatix smart control valves can replace conventional control valves typically used in over 70% of manufacturing facilities. Nexmatix valves are smart edge devices that alert users to leaks and problems throughout a pneumatic system; reducing energy cost and minimizing downtime to deliver an immediate ROI. And Nexmatix smart control valves easily connect to any enterprise-wide IIoT platform.